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Home Cleaning

Model: HalYıkvp11
We take your carpets from your home, wash them and deliver them to you..Carpet washing company offers comprehensive services for washing carpets: we pick up dirty products and cleans carpets: we pick up dirty products from slick-4! Pickup and delivery is free of charge. We work with individuals and ..
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Model: KolYıkvp11
Cleaning of upholstered furniture is carried out by mechanical action on the upholstery. When dry cleaning furniture, it is important not to overmoisten the material, but also not to leave cleaning products on it.Otherwise, the procedure for cleaning the sofa and the process of drying it can take mo..
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Model: CleanREp01
Our carefully selected and reliable staff come to your home and do detailed cleaning .We will process your order within the day and send you an expert.Call or Write to us for more details.For English Language,Whatsapp : +90 553 010 99 88..
Ex Tax:800.00‎₺
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