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Garden & Pool Desing

Garden & Pool Desing
Garden & Pool Desing
Garden & Pool Desing
Garden & Pool Desing
Garden & Pool Desing
Garden & Pool Desing
Garden & Pool Desing
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  • Location: Konyaaltı ,Antalya
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Our prices are for 1 hour service. There may be extra pricing according to the duration of the work to be done and the use of materials.

During the day we will process your order and send a specialist to you.

Garden&Pool Designers In Antalya

'The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.'​

Home Antalia is a Antalya-based Home interior, exterior and garden&pool design company founded by creative, young, and passionate interior designers who translate the needs and desires of each client into unique, fresh, elegant, timeless, and livable spaces. In the last 10 years, Home Antalia has been fortunate to design elegant and beautifull interiors and exteriors for more than 500 residential projects in and around Antalia.   Our home interiors ,exteriors and garden&pool projects have their own story to tell. 

Through an exploration of materials, color, forms, and an intuitive contrast of contemporary and urban home Interior of AntaliaHome's designs are well credited with redefining modern beauty through equal prominence on architecture and garden&pool design.

Why Choose Us

Besides expert designers, 10+ Years warranty & on-time completion guarantee, you have more reasons to choose AntaliaHome  as your home Interior ,exterior and garden&pool designer.


End to End Service


We are committed to providing a 100% stress-free, seamless experience right from the procurement stage to the execution stage. So, relax while your dream home comes to life, as AntaliaHome Designs takes care of everything!


Custom Designs


Home is where the heart is. At AntaliaHome, we have a strict NO to 'Cookie Cutter' approach. We treat every project as unique, and we start each project with fresh eyes and ideas while reflecting the heart and soul of our clients. Whether it’s Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, Traditional, or Transitional, AntaliaHome Designs ensures that your home is as unique as you and your heart stay happy!


Quality Assurance


One of the main principles of designing luxury, fancy, modern homes where everyone would want to live, is defined by the AntaliaHome's quality. We achieve that by ensuring the longevity and sustainability of the products or materials used. Our workmanship ensures Top-notch quality with absolutely stunning designs balancing the functionality which has earned us the reputation of being one of the best home designers in Antalia.


Hassle Free Service


Design meets reality here and AntaliaHome Design exteriors have an unassailable process to ensure a complete execution to perfection. Considering the boundless fun part of designing, finding, selecting, ordering, buying and commissioning, execution seems to be the most ecstatic part of interior designing. Once everything is placed and perfect our customers with delight realise that a well-designed space is worth the efforts & time it takes to create.


Budget Friendly Designs


Over a decade of experience in the field of home interior design, AntaliaHome Designs has the expertise in choosing the best material at the best price. Once a design is approved, our experts will work closely with the client in choosing the materials and suggest the best within their budget. AntaliaHome Design’s partnership with several home accessories brands makes it easier to procure the materials for a lesser price.

Our Process​


Call us  or fill up the form


Meet our awesome design team for a free consultation.


Feel your home before you move in with realistic 3D designs


Hassle free execution within committed timeline.

Call or Write to us for more details.

For English Language,

Whatsapp : +90 553 010 99 88

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