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Furniture Wash and Clean

Furniture Wash and Clean
Furniture Wash and Clean
Furniture Wash and Clean
Furniture Wash and Clean
Furniture Wash and Clean
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Cleaning of upholstered furniture is carried out by mechanical action on the upholstery. When dry cleaning furniture, it is important not to overmoisten the material, but also not to leave cleaning products on it.

Otherwise, the procedure for cleaning the sofa and the process of drying it can take more than a day.

For cleaning furniture, various methods and means are used, which depend on the type of material from which the furniture is made.

Chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture is a very time-consuming process, since all the pollution that occurs on it is mostly organic in nature. Such spots are poorly removed, therefore, they require a special approach.

Another problem with upholstered furniture is dust mites and other microorganisms that can cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to them.

Chemical cleaning allows you to get rid of microorganisms, and guarantees that they will not appear on your furniture for at least 6 months.

This type of work can be carried out both manually, but it requires a lot of time and labor, and with the help of special machines, which are called extractors.

The extractor with the help of vacuum processing allows you to quickly and well clean your upholstered furniture.

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